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MES stands for Military Engineering Services, which is a Pakistani government agency responsible for providing engineering and construction services to the armed forces of Pakistan. The agency is responsible for a vast range of tasks, including the construction and maintenance of military infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, airfields, and buildings. The MES also provides technical and engineering support to the armed forces during times of war and peace. Additionally, the agency undertakes civilian construction projects, such as the construction of schools and hospitals, in areas where the military is operating.

If you have a Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) degree, you may be eligible to apply for various jobs in the Military Engineering Services (MES) in Pakistan. MES offers various jobs opportunities for DAE holders, including the following.

  • Sub Engineer (Civil)
  • Sub Engineer (Electrical)
  • Sub Engineer (Mechanical)
  • Sub Engineer (HVAC)
  • Assistant (Architectural/Civil/Electrical/Mechanical)
  • Draftsman (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical)
  • Supervisor (B&R/E&M)
  • Estimator (B&R/E&M)

Latest Jobs in MES Pakistan

If you’re preparing for a DAE jobs in the Military Engineering Services (MES) in Pakistan,and searching for MES DAE JOBS PAST PAPERS SOLVED, it is important to go through past papers to get an idea of the exam pattern, type of questions, and difficulty level. Past papers can help you understand the format and structure of the exam and can also assist you in identifying the topics that are FAQs in the exam.

So there are we provide past papers and sample papers for MES DAE job categories.

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