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The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) is a Pakistani multinational oil and gas company that was founded in 1961. It is headquartered in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. OGDCL is the largest exploration and production company in Pakistan and is responsible for exploring, developing, producing, and selling oil and gas in the country. The company’s main assets include exploration licenses, producing fields, and pipelines.

OGDCL offers various engineering jobs in different disciplines, including petroleum, mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, and geological engineering. The company recruits engineers for its exploration, drilling, production, and maintenance departments .To apply for an engineering job at OGDCL, candidates must meet the eligibility criteria and have the required qualifications and experience which are posted on https://engineeralerts.com/ for as Jobs information .The eligibility criteria and job requirements vary depending on the position and the level of experience required.


Bachelor’s of Engineering in Petroleum, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical ,Mechatronics, Civil

Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) in Petroleum, Chemical , Electrical, Electronic ,Mechanical ,Mechatronics ,Civil

If you’re preparing for a DAE jobs in the OGDCL in Pakistan, and searching for OGDCLDAE JOBS PAST PAPERS SOLVED, it is important to go through past papers to get an idea of the exam pattern, type of questions, and difficulty level. Past papers can help you understand the format and structure of the exam and can also assist you in identifying the topics that are FAQs in the exam.

So There Are We Provide Past Papers And Learning Materials For OGDCL Jobs & Internship Program.

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