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SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) is the national space agency of Pakistan, responsible for the country’s space program and aerospace research. Established in 1961, SUPARCO has been involved in various space-related activities, including the development of satellites, launch vehicles, and ground control systems.

SUPARCO’s mission is to enhance the country’s capabilities in space technology and to use space-based applications for socio-economic development, national security, and scientific advancement. The agency also collaborates with international space agencies and organizations to promote peaceful use of outer space.

SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) offers engineering jobs for individuals who are interested in the space and aerospace industry. The organization employs engineers from different disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, electronics, aerospace, and computer engineering.

Engineering jobs at SUPARCO involve designing, developing, testing, and operating space-related systems, such as satellites, rockets, ground control systems, and other space-based applications. Engineers are also involved in research and development activities, aimed at advancing the state of the art in space technology.

If you’re preparing for a DAE jobs in the  SUPARCO in Pakistan, and searching for SUPARCO DAE JOBS PAST PAPERS SOLVED, it is important to go through past papers to get an idea of the exam pattern, type of questions, and difficulty level. Past papers can help you understand the format and structure of the exam and can also assist you in identifying the topics that are FAQs in the exam.

So there are we provide Past Papers and Sample Papers for SUPARCO DAE job categories.

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