OGDCL Oil and Gas Development Company Limited Electrical/Electronics Engineer Past Papers Solved 2020

OGDCL Electrical Engineer Past Papers Solved 2020

The following multiple-choice questions are from the OGDCL Electrical Engineer/Electronics Test conducted on 2020. These questions cover a range of topics relevant to electrical engineering, and they are essential for candidates preparing for positions at the OGDCL Oil and Gas Development Company Limited. The bolded question statements aim to facilitate easy navigation, providing a comprehensive review of key concepts necessary for success in the Electrical Engineer/Electronics examination.

OGDCL Past Papers Solved 2020

For Repetitive Signals and Oscillating Systems
A) Fourier Transform
B) Laplace Transform
C) Z-Transform
D) Fourier Series

Coherent light wave system is to mix the received signal coherently with an __ optical field
before it is incident on the photodetector

  1. continuous-wave (CW)
  2. Discrete wave
  3. Analog wave
    In electromagnetic waves, polarization __.
    a. is caused by reflection
    b. is due to the transverse nature of the waves
    c. results from the longitudinal nature of the waves
    d. is always vertical in an isotropic medium
    Deterministic signal behaves in a _ way with time.
  4. fixed
  5. constant
  6. variable
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A step-recovery diode
A. has an extremely short recovery time
B. is mainly used as a harmonic generator
C. conducts equally well in both directions
D. is an ideal rectifier of high frequency signals
The ratio of conduction to displacement current density is referred to as
(a) Attenuation constant
(b) Propagation constant
(c) Loss tangent
(d) Dielectric constant
In case of semi-conductors, the ratio of conduction current to displacement current is:
A) more than 200 and less than 1000
B) less than 100 but greater than 1/100
C) less than 1/100
D) more than 1000
As a result of negative feedback in amplifiers
A. Harmonic distortion reduces
B. Bandwidth reduces
C. Noise increases
D. All
In Vacuum Triode, the electrode between cathode and anode is?

  1. grid
  2. tetrode
  3. valve
    Transient response is due to?
    A: sudden release of stored energy.
    In capacitor, the energy delivered by source is _ by capacitor.
    a) returned to source
    b) dissipated in the form of heat
    c) stored as electric field
    d) stored as magnetic field
    The coupling used in stoneman transmission bridge is _

    (a) Inductive
    (b) Resistive
    (c) Capacitive
    (d) Combination of inductive and capacitive
    Diode in forward bias acts as?
    A: low resistance path.
    Which of the following are the disadvantages of a closed loop control system?
  4. Reduces the overall gain.
  5. Complex and costly.
  6. Oscillatory response.
  7. All of the above.
    First multi-chip 16-bit microprocessor was __.
  8. national semiconductor IMP 16,
  9. Fairchild,
  10. RCA
    The efficiency of a transformer will be maximum when
    A. copper losses = hysteresis losses
    B. hysteresis losses = eddy current losses
    C. eddy current losses = copper losses
    D. copper losses = iron losses
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The memory made up of logic gates

  1. disc
  2. RAM
  3. ROM
    Fourier transform F(jω) of an arbitrary signal has the property
    a. F(jω) = F (- jω)
    b. F(jω) = – F (- jω)
    c. F(jω) = F(- jω) d. F(jω) = – F(jω)
    There are several careers within data processing operations, including data-entry operator.
    A. Computer operator
    B. Programmer
    C. System Analyst
    D. Key-punch operator
    E. None of the above
    A pulse train has a pulse-repetition frequency of 25,000 pulses per second and pulses have a
    duration of 4 ps. The mark-to-phase ratio is
    A. 1: 10
    B. 1: 25,000
    C. 1: 9
    D. 1: 1
    Electromagnetic relay stabilizer usually has regulation
    A. 1%
    B. 2%
    C. 5%
    D. 10%
    Servo motor stabilizer have regulation
    A. 1%
    B. 2%
    C. 5%
    D. 10%
    LVDT is used for
    A. Pressure
    B. Displacement
    C. Temperature
    D. None
    Permanent-magnet moving-coil ammeter have uniform scales because:
    (a) of eddy current damping
    (b) they are spring-controlled
    (c) their deflecting torque varies directly as current
    (d) both (b) and (c)


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