TESCO Junior Engineer / SDO (BPS‐17) Test by NTS on 21‐ Sep‐2019

Tribal Areas Electric Supply CompanyTESCO Junior Engineer / SDO (BPS‐17) Test by NTS on 21‐ Sep‐2019

The following multiple-choice questions are from the TESCO (Junior Engineer) Test conducted on 21‐ Sep‐2019. These questions cover a range of topics relevant to electrical engineering, and they are essential for candidates preparing for positions at the Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company. The bolded question statements aim to facilitate easy navigation, providing a comprehensive review of key concepts necessary for success in the TESCO Junior Engineer examination.

TESCO Junior Engineer test
TESCO Junior Engineer test

A typical solar cell generates ________output voltages.

  1. .9v
  2. .7v
  3. .6v
  4. .2v
    Due to burning of 1 kg of pure carbon with a minimum quantity of air required, the percentage of
    carbon dioxide in the exhaust gas would be
    (A) 10%
    (B) 19%
    (C) 29%
    (D) 39%.
    In aircraft using gas turbine, the cycle used is
    (A) Simple
    (B) Regeneration
    (C) Reheating
    (D) Reheating with regeneration.
    Steam engine used in locomotives is
    A. Single acting, condensing type
    B. Single acting, non-condensing type
    C. Double acting, condensing type
    D. Double acting, non-condensing type
    Graphical representation between discharge m³/s and time is known as
    A. Monograph
    B. Water Discharge Graph
    C. Topography
    D. Hydrograph
    Ash content of most of the Indian coals is around
    A. 1%
    B. 5%
    C. 10%
    D. 20%
    Atomic number of germaniums
    A. 48
    B. 32
    C. 34
    D. 36

The magnetizing current of a transformer is usually small because it has
A. small air gap
B. large leakage flux
C. laminated silicon steel core
D. fewer rotating parts
Two Resistances 40 ohm and 60 Ohm given in Parallel. The Equivalent Resistance Will be
A. 24 Ohm
B. 25 Ohm
C. 26 Ohm
D. 27 Ohm
Which instrument has same calibrations for both AC and DC values?
A. Induction type
B. Hot wire type
C. Moving coil type
D. Moving iron type
Which of the following does not use the effect of current for measurement purpose?
A. Electrostatic ammeter
B. Moving coil ammeter
C. Hot wire ammeter
D. Rectifier ammeter
Which of the following is used for the measurement of dielectric losses of insulation?
A. Shearing bridge
B. Hay bridge
C. Wein bridge
D. Kelvin bridge
The deflecting torque in an instrument may be produced
A. Magnetically
B. Electrostatically
C. Thermally
D. All of the above
Damping torque in instrument is generally not produced
A. Pneumatically
B. Electro magnetically
C. Electro statically
D. By fluid friction
The function of a field regulator for compound motors is to
A. Control the flux
B. Limit the armature current
C. Demagnetize the field polarity
D. None of the above
Retardation test in case of shunt motors and generators is used to determine
A. Friction losses
B. Eddy current losses

C. Copper losses
D. Stray losses
The dc motor draws high current at the starting instant due to absence of back emf. In order to
prevent this high inrush of current at start, a resistance is connected
(a) across the field.
(b) across the armature.
(c) in series with the armature.
(d) in series with the field.
D.P.D.T is a
A. Switch
B. Relay
C. Transistor
D. None
The function of a starter in a dc machine is to
A. To limit the starting current
B. Avoid armature reaction
C. Control the speed
D. Avoid excessive Heating
Which of the following parts help the commutation process?
A. Interpoles
B. Compensating windings
C. Poles shoes
D. All of these
The Yoke in a Small dc machine is made of
A. Cast iron
B. Cast steel
C. Mild steel
D. Grain oriented Steel
Brushes for commutators for 220 V dc generator are generally made of
A. copper
B. carbon copper
C. electrographite
D. graphited copper
Which of the following forms an energy converter?
a) magnetor-striction effect
b) piezo-electric effect
c) hall effect
d) all of these
D.C. generator generates
A. a.c. voltage in the armature
B. d.c. voltage in the armature
C. a.c. superimposed over d.c.
D. none of the above

A D.C. motor can be easily identified by
A. winding
B. commutator
C. size of conductor
D. yoke
Sparking between contacts can be reduced by
a. Inserting Resistance in a Line
b. Inserting Reactor in a Line
c. inserting a capacitor in series with the contacts
d. Inserting a capacitor in parallel with the contacts
Which type of output voltage is formed in Full wave rectifier?
a. Pulsating DC
b. Pulsating AC
c. Pure DC
d. No ripple voltage
In order to reduce skin effect at UHF
a. Conductors are painted
b. conductors are anodized
c. Copper tubes with silver plating are used
d. Copper rods with silver plating are used
The surge resistance of transmission lines is about
(A) 50 ohms
(B) 100 ohms
(C) 250 ohms
(D) 500 ohms.
The peak value of power angle curve of a transmission line is 50 MVA. If two such identical lines
are added in parallel, the resulting peak value is
A. 25 MVA
B. 50 MVA
C. 100 MVA
D. 200 MVA
S.I Unit of time is
a. Second
b. Hour
c. Minute
d. Week e. Day
A coil is supplied by 200 V and takes a current of 2A at 45° lag. The Q of coil is
(i) 100
(ii) 25
(iii) 10

If n-type region is sandwiched in between two p-type regions than the device formed is
a) n channel- MOSFET
b) p channel- MOSFET
c) n-p-n Transistor
d) p-n-p Transistor
The _ of a resistor is determined mainly by its physical size.

  1. Resistance
  2. Power
  3. Current
  4. a & b are correct
    The moving system in the indicating instruments is subjected to
    A. Deflecting torque
    B. Damping torque
    C. Controlling torque
    D. All of above
    For what purpose a moderator is used in nuclear power plants?
    A. Stop the chain reaction
    B. Accelerate the speed of neutrons
    C. Reduce the speed of neutrons
    D. To absorb neutrons
    Convert 470 μV is equal to how many mV?
    a. 0.47mV
    b. 0.047 mV
    c. 4.7mV
    d. None
    Which of the following is a Perfect insulator?
    A. Porcelain
    B. Steel
    C. Ebonite
    D. Copper
    Three amplifiers are cascaded, each have gain 30, Then total Gain is?
    A. 30
    b. 90
    c. 2700
    d. 27000
    Which of the following is generally not a constituent of Coal?
    A) Sulphur
    B) Hydrogen
    C) Chromium
    D) Moisture
    Parallel resonance circuit magnifies
    a. Current
    b. Voltage
    c. power
    d. All
    In ideal diesel cycle the working substance is
    (A) Air
    (B) Diesel
    (C) Mixture of air and diesel
    (D) Any combustible gas.
    Coking is
    (A) formation of lumps or masses of coke in boiler furnaces at high temperatures
    (B) heating of coal in absence of air, driving out CO2 and leaving behind the residue and
    (C) burning of coal in furnace
    (D) producing lumps of coal from fine powders with the help of a binder.
    The output of a solar cell is of the order of
    (A) 0.1 W
    (B) 0.5 W
    (C) 1 W
    (D) 5 W.
    The direction of rotation of Compound DC motor can be effectively reversed by interchanging
    a. Shunt Field Connections
    b. Series Field Connections
    c. Armature Connections
    d. Line Leads
    Reciprocal of Network function is
    A. Never transfer function
    B. Never immittance function
    C. Immittance function if original function is omittance
    D. Transfer function if original function is transfer function
    In a Compound DC motor, the shunt field winding as compared to series field winding will have
    A. More turns and smaller cross-section of wire
    B. Less turns and large cross-section of wire
    C. More turns and large cross-section of wire
    D. Less turns and smaller cross-section of wire
    Electric field lines emerge from any Charge outside in
    a. One dimension
    b. Two dimension
    c. Three dimension
    d. four dimension
    In case a compound motor is started with an open series field
  5. The fuse will blow off
  6. The motor will not start
  7. The motor will start with jerk
  8. The motor will run with vibrations and noise
    When the transistor is switched OFF, then current in which of the following becomes Zero?
    a. Collector
    b. Emitter
    c. Base
    d. All
    To turn the switch off the _ is set zero while using transistor as a switch
    a) Emitter current
    b) Collector current
    c) Base current
    d) All of above
    An Electron is moving parallel to a Magnetic Field. Then the force experienced by it is,
    a. Zero
    b. evB
    c. – evB
    d. 1
    In a permanent magnet DC motor, which of the following method of Speed control cannot be used?
    A. armature voltage variation
    B. armature resistance control
    C. field current variation
    D. all of these
    The speed of DC shunt motor supplying a load at its rated speed, its speed can be reduced by:
    a. Increasing the applied voltage
    b. Connecting an additional resistance in the armature circuit
    c. Connecting an additional resistance in the field circuit
    d. Decreasing the applied voltage
    D.C Potentiometer is an instrument to measure:
    a. Unknown E.M.F
    b. large voltages
    c. Large Power
    d. Direct resistance
    If the lower value of 5% resistor is 209. Then what will be the Nominal Value of the resistor?
    a. 210
    c. 220
    d. 225
    e. 230
    Book: Multiple Choice Questions in Electronics and Electrical Engineering Thomas J Davies
    A 120RJ resistor has a value of
    a. 1.2 +- 1%
    b. 12 +- 10%
    c. 120 +- 5%
    d. 1200 +- 2%
    Book: Multiple Choice Questions in Electronics and Electrical Engineering Thomas J Davies
    Second Cauer’s form of reactive network synthesis is the successful removal of
    A. Poles at infinity
    B. Zeros at Infinity
    C. Poles at origin
    D. Zeros at origin
    In series parallel control of DC motor, the torque produced in series arrangement will be of that in
    parallel arrangement
    A. double
    B. four times
    C. half
    D. one-fourth
    A transistor is a combination of two p-n junction with their
    A. P region connected together
    B. N region connected together
    C. N region connected to another p region
    D. P region connected together or n region connected together
    The most widely used semiconductors are
    (i) silicon
    (ii) germanium
    (iii) phosphorus
    (iv) arsenic
    The armature voltage control is considered as suitable in case the dc machine is driven at constant
    a) Speed
    b) Power
    c) Torque
    d) Current
    Commutator of DC machine acts as a
    a) full wave rectifier
    b) half wave rectifier
    c) Inverter
    d) Controlled Rectifier
    The number of cycles in which high speed circuit breaker complete its operation is
    a) 3 to 8
    b) 10-18
    c) 20-30
    d) 40-50
    For a N-P-N transistor a resistor must be connected between base and __
  9. Positive end of the supply
  10. Negative end of the supply
  11. Collector
  12. Emitter
    The desirable properties of transformer core material are
    (A) low permeability and low hysteresis loss
    (B) high permeability and high hysteresis loss
    (C) high permeability and low hysteresis loss
    (D) low permeability and high hysteresis loss.
    The fact that how closely the instrument reading follows the measured variables is termed as
    a) Fidelity
    b) Precision
    c) Accuracy
    d) Sensitivity
    GEPCO 2019
    Sum of two angles is equal to 180, then angles are,
    a. Supplementary angles
    b. Complementary angles
    c. Acute
    d. Right angle
    The number of slip rings in a single-phase synchronous converter will be
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 3
    (D) None.
    When an ac voltage is applied to a PMMC voltmeter
    A. the meter gets damaged
    B. meter reading is zero
    C. pointer will oscillate to and fro
    D. the pointer will not move at all
    An induction wattmeter can be used for
    A. both D.C. and A.C.
    B. D.C. only
    C. A.C. only
    D. any of the above
    A crystal diode is a _ device
    A. non-linear
    B. bilateral
    C. linear
    D. none of the above
    If p is number of poles and N is armature speed, then frequency of magnetic reversals will be
    a. NP/120
    b. 120N/P
    c. 120P/N
    d. 120/NP
    The most widely used semiconductor in electronic devices is
    a. Germanium
    b. Silicon
    c. Carbon
    d. Copper
    The speed of DC motor is
    a. Directly proportional to flux per pole
    b. Inversely proportional to flux per pole
    c. Inversely proportional to applied voltage
    d. None of the above
    The ripple factor of half wave rectifier is
    a. 1.21
    b. 2
    c. 0.48
    d. 2.5
    When resistances are connected in parallel, the current divides itself in
    a. Direct ratio of resistances
    b. Inverse ratio of resistances
    c. Inverse ratio of potentials
    d. None of the above
    The greatest percentage of heat loss in a DC machine is due to
    a. Copper loss
    b. Eddy current loss
    c. Friction loss
    d. Hysteresis loss
    An electric fan and heater rated as 1000W, 220V and 2000W, 220V, the resistance of heater is
    a. Greater than that of fan
    b. Less than that of fan
    c. Equal to that of fan
    d. None of the above
    The rotor of induction motor
    a. Always rotate in the direction of stator flux
    b. Always rotate opposite to the direction of stator flux
    c. Always rotate in the direction of rotor flux
    d. Always rotate opposite to the direction of rotor flux
    The value of back emf in DC motor is maximum at
    a. No load
    b. Full load
    c. Half load
    d. None of the above
    The motor equation is given by
    a. V=Eb-IaRa
    b. V=Eb+IaRa
    c. Eb=V+IaRa
    d. None of the above
    When cells are arranged in parallel
    a. Current capacity increase
    b. Voltage capacity increase
    c. Both current and voltage capacity increase
    d. None of the above
    Two bulbs rated at 25W 110V, 100W 110 V are connected to 220V supply then
    a. 100W bulb will burn out
    b. 25W bulb will burn out
    c. Both bulbs will burn out
    d. None of the above
    Three equal resistors are connected in series across a source of emf together consume 10W. when
    same resistors are connected in parallel consume
    a. 90W
    b. 30W
    c. 10W
    d. None of the above
    In a thyristor dv/dt protection is achieved by
    a. RL across thyristor
    b. RC across thyristor
    c. R across thyristor
    d. L across thyristor
    In a thyristor di/dt protection is achieved by
    a. RL across thyristor
    b. RC across thyristor
    c. R across thyristor
    d. L in series with thyristor
    A thyristor is a
    a. PNPN
    b. N-P-N
    c. P-N-P
    d. None of the above
    Armature reaction in a DC motor is increased when
    a. Armature current is increased
    b. Armature current is decreased
    c. Filed current is increased
    d. None of the above
    The highest flux created in the core of a transformer is ………………
    (i) directly proportional to supply frequency
    (ii) inversely proportional to supply frequency
    (iii) inversely proportional to primary voltage
    (iv) none of the above
    In shunt type ohmmeter full scale deflection current indicator is marked as
    a. O
    b. Infinity
    c. 1
    d. None of the above
    The current in a coil of resistance 90 ohm is to be reduced by 90%. What value of resistance should
    be connected in parallel with it?
    a. 9 ohm
    b. 100 ohm
    c. 90 ohm
    d. 10 ohm
    A crystal diode is used as a
    a. Rectifier
    b. Voltage regulator
    c. An amplifier
    d. An oscillator
    If PF in two wattmeter method is 1, then the readings are
    a. Same
    b. Different
    c. None of the above
    In two wattmeter method if the power factor is 0.5, then one of the wattmeter will read
  13. Zero
  14. W/2
  15. W/√2
  16. W/√3
    Which motor has the highest power factor?
    A. Capacitor start motor
    B. Capacitor run motor
    C. Shaded pole motor
    D. Repulsion motor
    The rotor of a synchronous motor is excited with direct current while the motor
    (i) is at standstill (i.e., at starting)
    (ii) approaches synchronous speed
    (ii) approaches half synchronous speed
    (iv) none of the above
    A permanent magnet moving coil ammeter is connected in 50 Hz a. c. Circuit in which 5A current
    is flowing. The meter will read
  17. 0A
  18. 2.5A
  19. 5A
  20. None of the listed here
    Two electric bulbs of 100 W, 200 V are put in series and the combination is supplied 100 V. The
    power consumption of each bulb will be
    A. 100 / 16 W.
    B. 50W
    C. 66W
    D. 33W
    Resistances 1ohm, 2 ohm and 3 ohms are connected in the form of a triangle. If a cell of e.m.f. 1.5
    V and negligible internal resistance is connected across 3 ohms, the current through this resistor is
    (i) 0.25 A
    (ii) 0.5 A
    iii. 1.5 A
    (iv) 2.5 A
    A cell supplies a current of 0.9 A through a 2 Ω resistor and a current of 0.3 A through a 7 Ω
    resistor. Calculate the internal resistance of the cell.
  21. 0.5ohm
  22. 1ohm
  23. 1.2ohm
  24. 5ohm
    Which of the following finds application in speed control of DC motor?
    A. FET
    B. NPN transistor
    C. SCR
    D. None of above
    Diode conduct in positive clipper when
    A) Vin = Vref
    B. Vin ! = vref
    C. Vin > vref
    D. Vin < vref
    Most common use of diode rectifier as in the
    A) ac motor
    B. Generator
    C. Dc motor
    D. Both A& C
    Typically for silicon diode applied voltage is equal…… or greater is needed otherwise diode will not
    A. 0.3
    B. 0.5
    C. 0.4
    D. 0.7
    Which of the following is not a necessary component in a clamper circuit?
    a) Diode
    b) Capacitor
    c) Resistor
    d) Independent DC Supply
    Which of the following is not component in a clamper circuit?
    a) Diode
    b) Capacitor
    c) Resistor
    d) Inductor
    There are n similar conductors each of resistance r. The resultant resistance comes out to be R
    when connected in parallel. If they are connected in series, the resistance comes out to be
    The doping level in a Zener diode is______________ that of a crystal diode?
    A. the same as
    B. less than
    C. more than
    D. none of the above
    If two equal resistances connected in series across a certain supply are now connected in parallel
    across the same supply, the power produced will be _ that of series connection:
    A. One-half
    B. Four times
    C. One-fourth
    D. Two times
    Four equal resistors, each of resistance 4 ohm are connected as shown in the adjoining circuit
    diagram. Then the equivalent resistance between points A and B is
  25. 3ohm
  26. 6ohm
  27. 9ohm
  28. 12ohm
    When a number of resistances are connected in parallel then combined resistance is
  29. Greater than the smallest individual resistance.
  30. Equal to the smallest individual resistance.
  31. less than the smallest individual resistance.
  32. greater than the largest individual resistance.
    To increase the range of a voltmeter
  33. a low resistance in series is connected with the voltmeter
  34. a low resistance in parallel is connected with the voltmeter
  35. a high resistance in series is connected with the voltmeter
  36. a high resistance in parallel is connected with the voltmeter
    How to increase the range of voltmeter?
  37. Series multiplier
  38. Series Shunt
    It is known that the potential difference across a 6 Ω resistor is 48 V. The total current entering the
    circuit is
    a)3 A
    b)6 A
    c)14 A
    d)12 A
    Why is A.C.S.R conductor used as the replacement or substitute for copper?
    a. Higher current carrying capacity.
    b. Economy.
    c. Being less weight.
    d. Higher tensile strength.
    How many transistors do class A amplifiers use?
  39. One
  40. Two
  41. Three
  42. Four
    By which type of bond the various atoms in semiconductors like silicon and germanium are bound
  43. ionic bond
  44. Metallic bond
  45. Covalent bond
  46. None of these
    When both emitter and collector junctions are reverse biased, the transistor is said to be at _ region. A. Active B. Cut-off C. Saturation D. Amplifying Varying the can control the location of the Zener region.
    A: forward current
    B: doping levels
    C: forward voltage
    D: dc resistance
    Multilayers 3-terminal device is
  47. SCR
  48. TRIAC
  49. DIAC
  50. NPN
    A d.c. shunt motor takes 5A at 100 V when running light. shunt field resistance is 50 and armature
    resistance is 0.2. What is the driving power?
    a)412 W
    b)298 W
    c)305 W
    d)204 W
    Current gain of Darlington pair consisting of Q1 and Q2?
  51. B1*B2
  52. B1+B2
  53. B1/B2
    Current Voltage characteristics of the TRIAC is
    A. Symmetrical
    B. Un-Symmetrical
    C. Straight
    D. Opposite
    The minimum input current that can turn on a thyristor is called the
    a. holding current.
    b. trigger current.
    c. break over current.
    d. low-current dropout.
    Which diode can’t handle much reverse voltage? / Which Diode have 100A,200 V rating?
    A. Fast Recovery
    B. Schottky diode
    C. Tunnel diode
    D. Simple diode / signal diode
    In AC, variable frequency drive (VFD) output to the load
    A, constant frequency and adjustable magnitude
    B, Variable frequency and adjustable voltage
    C, Constant frequency and constant magnitude
    D, Both A, B
    Latched on by a control signal but must be turned off by power circuit:
    (A). Thyristors
    (b) Diodes
    (C) controllable switches
    (D) Thermistors
    In power converter to be more specific ac to dc and dc to ac are
  54. Inverter
  55. Rectifier
  56. Convertor
  57. Wheatstone bridge
    Where controllable switches turn on and off at zero voltage and/or zero current called
    A, switching converters
    B, Linear frequency converters
    C, Quasi resonant
    D, Nonlinear frequency
    page 11
    The time required for the diode to change from reverse bias to forward bias is called
  58. Forward recovery time.
  59. Reverse recovery time
    Clamper circuit consists of capacitor and diodes, arrangement of capacitor and diode with respect
    to load is
    A. both are in series with load
    B. both are parallel with load
    C. capacitor in parallel and diode in series with respect to load
    D. diode is in parallel and capacitor in series
    Application of Asymmetrical silicon-controlled rectifier ASCR?
    A. voltage-source inverters
    B. switching power supplies
    C. DC traction chopper
    D. All of these
    Signal generator is also called as the:
    A. Function generator
    B. Wave generator
    C. Power generator
    D. Vector generator
    For the power semiconductor devices IGBT, MOSFET, Diode and Thyristor, which one of the
    following statements is TRUE?
     All the four are majority carrier devices.
     All the four are minority carrier devices.
     IGBT and MOSFET are majority carrier devices, whereas Diode and Thyristor are minority
    carrier devices.
     MOSFET is majority carrier device, whereas IGBT, Diode and Thyristor are minority
    carrier devices.
    Diode operating time when voltage falls to zero
     Reverse recovery time
     forward recovery time
     break time
    Civil Aviation Authority Assistant Director E&M Test conduct by NTS on 12‐May‐2019
    An Ammeter is convertible to a voltmeter by?
    A) Changing the scale
    B) Putting a large resistance in parallel with the actual measuring part of the instrument
    C) Putting a large resistance in series with the actual measuring part of the instrument
    D) Simply installing the instrument in parallel with the circuit
    The residual magnetism of a dc shunt generators can be regained by
    A) Connecting the shunt field to a battery
    B) Running a generator on no load for sometime
    C) Earthing the shunt field
    D) Reversing the direction of the generator
    For Parallel Operation, the generators normally preferred are?
    A) Series generators
    B) Shunt generators
    C) Compound generators
    D) Series and shunt generators
    In Lap winding the number of brushes is equal to
    A) 2
    B) 4
    C) Number of Poles
    D) 2 × Number of Poles
    Which of the following is not the requirement of Protection System?
    A) Speed
    B) Predictability
    C) Reliability
    D) Security
    __ are used to sense the fault and initiate the trip?
    A) Circuit breakers
    B) Alternators
    C) Protective Relays
    D) Cutouts
    There are two types of overload protection instantaneous over current and
    A) Variable over current
    B) Time Over Current
    C) Constant Over Current
    D) Delay feedback Current
    The advantage of moving coil permanent magnet type instrument is
    A) Low power consumption
    B) No hysteresis loss
    C) Efficient eddy current damping
    D) All of the above
    The deflecting torque in an instrument may be produced
    A) Magnetically
    B) Electrostatically
    C) Thermally
    D) any of the (A) (B) and (C) Above
    D.C. Potentiometer is an instrument to measure
    A) Unknown EMF
    B) Large voltage
    C) Large power
    D) Direct resistance
    A pointer of an instrument once deflected return to zero position, when the current is removed due
    A) action of gravity
    B) Mass of pointer
    C) Controlling torque
    D) Damping torques
    The starting torque of a capacitor start motor is
    A) Zero
    B) Low
    C) Same as rated torque
    D) More than rated torque
    A capacitor starts, capacitor run single phase induction motor is basically a
    A) Ac series motor
    B) Dc series motor
    C) 2 phase induction motor
    D) 3 phase induction motor
    Copper loss in rotor of an induction motor
    A) is lost in friction
    B) is lost in windage
    C) Appears as heat
    D) Appears as noise
    The difference between the synchronous speed and the actual speed of an induction motor is known
    A) Regulation
    B) Back Lash
    C) Slip
    D) Lag
    The back emf set up in the stator of a synchronous motor will depend on
    A) Rotor speed only
    B) Rotor excitation only
    C) Rotor excitation and rotor speed
    D) Coupling angle, rotor speed and excitation
    The damping winding in a synchronous motor is generally used
    A) To provide starting torque only
    B) To reduce noise level
    C) To reduce eddy currents
    D) To prevent hunting and provide the starting torque
    In case the field of a synchronous motor is under excited the power factor will be
    A) Leading
    B) Lagging
    C) zero
    D) Unity
    For a transformer the condition for maximum efficiency is
    A) Hysteresis loss=eddy current loss
    B) Core loss = Hysteresis loss
    C) Copper loss = iron loss
    D) Total loss = (2/3) × copper loss
    What test on a transformer provides information about regulations, efficiency and heading under
    load conditions?
    A) Open circuit test
    B) Back-to-back test
    C) Hopkinson test
    D) Short circuit test
    Copper loss in a transformer occurs in
    A) Core
    B) Winding
    C) Main body
    D) Bushings
    Open circuit test of a transformer gives
    A) Hysteresis loss
    B) Eddy current loss
    C) Sum of hysteresis and eddy current loss
    D) Copper loss
    The function of breather in a transformer
    A) To provide oxygen to the cooling oil
    B) To provide cooling air
    C) To arrest flow of moisture when outside air enters the transformer
    D) To filter the transformer oil
    The speed of a series-wound dc motor
    A) Can be controlled by diverters
    B) Cannot be controlled by diverters
    C) Increases as flux decreases
    D) Increases as armature circuit resistance increases
    The ratio
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