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Explore Exciting Opportunities: Join the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC) and embark on a rewarding career in the oil and gas industry. Established in 1964, ADC offers diverse positions, including Driver, Welder, Roustabout, and more in Saudi Arabia. With over 53 years of expertise and major clients like Saudi Aramco, ADC ensures a dynamic work environment. Apply now for a chance to contribute to innovation and excellence in drilling services.

Arabian Drilling Company Jobs 2024
Arabian Drilling Company Jobs 2024

Arabian Drilling Vacancies 2024

Established in 1964, the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC) is a partnership between TAQA (Industrialization & Energy Services Company) and Schlumberger S.A. ADC operates onshore and offshore drilling rigs in Saudi Arabia, the Partitioned Zone with Kuwait, and previously in Yemen & UAE.Discover various job openings at ADC, including positions such as Driver, Welder, Roustabout, Storekeeper, Mechanic, Floorman, Derrickman, and Electrician.

Details About Arabian Drilling Company Careers

  • Company/Organization: Arabian Drilling Company
  • Job Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Nationality: Open to All
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma/High School
  • Experience: Minimum 1 to 2 years

Available Jobs 2024 at Arabian Drilling

Jobs TitleLocations
Mechanic JobSaudi Arabia
Driver JobSaudi Arabia
Welder JobSaudi Arabia
Storekeeper JobSaudi Arabia
Mechanic JobSaudi Arabia
Roustabout JobSaudi Arabia
Floorman JobSaudi Arabia
Derrickman JobSaudi Arabia
Electrician JobSaudi Arabia

How to Apply for Arabian Drilling Careers 2024

cv services
cv services
  • To apply for Arabian Drilling jobs, select the relevant job title from the list above. Click on the title corresponding to your designation, and you’ll be redirected to the official Arabian Drilling Careers site.
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Related FAQs

What are the key qualifications and experience requirements for the Mechanic position at Arabian Drilling Company (ADC)?

Mechanic Position Requirements at ADC: To be eligible for the Mechanic role at ADC, candidates should possess a minimum of 1 to 2 years of relevant experience. A qualifying Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma, or High School education is required. This ensures a well-rounded skill set for maintaining and repairing drilling equipment in the dynamic field of oil and gas.

Where is the headquarters of Arabian Drilling Company located?

The headquarters of Arabian Drilling Company is situated in Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Who is the CEO of Arabdrill?

The CEO of Arabian Drilling (Arabdrill) is Ghassan Mirdad. In his role, Ghassan Mirdad leads the national drilling champion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, overseeing and guiding the company’s strategic direction and operations.

Who owns Arabian Drilling?

Arabian Drilling is primarily owned by the Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA), a Saudi Joint Stock company. The founders and majority shareholders of Arabian Drilling are TAQA, along with SLB (Services Petroliers Schlumberger S.A.), a global leader in the oilfield services sector.

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How much oil does Saudi Arabia drill per day?

Saudi Arabia drills approximately 12,402,761 barrels of oil per day, ranking as the 2nd largest oil producer globally. The country maintains a significant daily surplus of +9,100,761 barrels, with an oil consumption of 3,302,000 barrels, ranking 6th in the world. Notably, Saudi Arabia does not heavily rely on oil imports, highlighting its prominent position in global oil production.

Which country has the biggest oil rig?

The largest oil rig in the world is the Berkut oil rig, situated off the Russian Pacific coast near the island of Sakhalin. Therefore, Russia is home to the biggest oil platform globally.

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